Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, and
Pro Franklin County

Vote for PA State Representative 90th District

Championing Rights, Responsibility, and Reform

Chad Reichard is a staunch advocate for both gun ownership and public safety, having introduced legislation to defund sanctuary cities while simultaneously strengthening the rights of Pennsylvania’s firearm owners. He holds firm pro-life values, dedicating himself to the defense of all citizens’ rights, including those of the unborn. 

Reichard is an opponent of unnecessary government expenditure and is actively working towards tax reduction and the dismantling of oppressive state regulations. His support for Pennsylvania agriculture is evident in his efforts to broaden farmland preservation. 

Moreover, he is a proponent of medical freedom and staunchly supports parental rights within the educational system.

Educational and Professional Journey

Chad Reichard’s path to public service was paved with a strong educational foundation, beginning at Waynesboro Area Senior High School and advancing through higher education where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from American University. 

Furthering his expertise, he acquired a Master’s in Public Administration, specializing in Public Budgeting and Finance from Penn State University. Reichard’s commitment to community and leadership flourished in his roles within Washington Township as an Elected Supervisor, Supervisor Chairman, and Planning and Zoning Officer.

His legislative expertise was honed in the Pennsylvania State Senate as a Legislative Director, followed by significant contributions as a District Legislative Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Beyond his official capacities, Reichard has been deeply involved in community service. His roles include active participation in Waynesboro Community & Human Services, the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund, and leadership positions such as the Chairman of the Franklin County Council of Governments. 

Additionally, he has been integral to the Franklin County Farm Bureau and served as the past treasurer for the Franklin County Republican Committee, reflecting his unwavering commitment to civic duty. His dedication extends to his spiritual community at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

"I will champion the strong, conservative values of our community in Harrisburg and make certain that the 90th district becomes an even better place to live, work, and raise a family." -Chad Reichard